Sunday, August 12, 2012

August Photo a Day Challenge Days 8-12: Glasses, Messy, Ring, Purple, & Spoon

It's been a busy few days, so this is just a brief update on the Photo a Day Challenge. Friday night we went to the Mint Hill Arts "Fire & Water Do Mix" gallery opening, and last night was Terra4m's "An Artful Affair" sale, but more on all that later!

Wednesday, Day 8, glasses, "Through the blueing glass":

Taken with Instagram on my Samsung Dart

Thursday, Day 9, messy:

Taken with Instagram on my Samsung Dart
Friday, Day 10, ring:

Taken with Instagram on my Samsung Dart

Saturday, Day 11, purple:

Taken with Instagram on my Samsung Dart

Sunday, Day 12, spoon:

Taken with Instagram on my Samsung Dart

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In which we discuss the merits of Instagram, & August Photo a Day Challenge Day 7: 8 o'clock

For today's Photo a Day Challenge prompt, "8 o'clock," is another image edited using Instagram.

Taken with my Samsung Dart

 Have you tried Instagram? I put off trying it until yesterday, because I had assumed it was just some fad with little real merit. Why use Instagram when I can achieve pretty much whatever visual effects I like with a computer program, such as Picassa?

Then a few days in to this photo challenge I began to get frustrated with my lack of tools for uploading photos. I currently use an old iBook G4 with somewhat limited capabilities (read: half the time the USB ports don't work & it doesn't have an SD card slot). Which leaves me to either upload my photos at work (and thus not post daily) or use my phone for most of my photo a day images. So I've been playing around with using my phone for the challenge photos, and it has proven to be extra challenging.

Even with a fairly basic camera it's generally possible to adjust the shutter speed, aperture, & film speed to make the available light work for a shot. With my phone, the settings are essentially day or night, and there isn't even a flash. Taking a picture in low light? It will probably look grey. Want a close-up of something? Unless you're okay with blurry, forget it. Now I could buy a second micro SD card, use it in the micro-to-SD card converter to take photos on the camera, then transfer the micro SD card to my phone, and then upload them to wherever. I do kind of want a micro SD card with a larger memory anyway. But doesn't that all that sound rather, um, complicated?

Which leads us to Instagram. For months I had secretly been admiring some of the photos friends had taken with it. I was intrigued. But I was still convinced it was beneath me because it made photo enhancement too easy. Basically my thinking was "if Joe Shmoe can use Instagram to take snapshots, then it's not good enough for my photographs." Which is kind of like saying "if Joe Shmoe uses this type of pot to cook with, then it's not good enough for my cooking." Faulty logic much? A tool is a tool, and its ease of use doesn't preclude the use of said tool to create art. So eventually I got down from my high horse, and began to see the value in this new tool. With Instagram I can boost the quality of my phone photos and easily upload them, then use them any way I like. It's not without its flaws of course, but so far I think I like it.

What are your thoughts on Instagram & other apps like it? Do you love it, hate it, feel neutral about it? How do you feel about digital photo editing in general? Do you digitally manipulate your photos at all, or are you a purist? I'd love to hear your opinions, so please do share!

August Photo a Day Challenge Day 6: Writing

I spent some lovely time this evening sitting on my back porch writing & reading while I waited for the storms to come. Since today's prompt was "writing," I photographed my journal.

Taken with my Samsung Dart & edited with Instagram
I'm really enjoying this photo challenge, even more so than the one I did back in October. I think it is especially fun to be taking the challenge with a friend, and that adds a certain level of motivation to remember to post. It also adds a layer of anticipation, waiting to see what others are inspired to see from the prompt!

Monday, August 6, 2012

August Photo a Day Challenge Day 5: Logo

The photo a day prompt was "logo" yesterday. I meant to take a picture of the 300 East logo when I worked last night, but didn't remember until I arrived home. I scoured the house searching for interesting logos. How is it I could find so few? Certainly not many of interest. Eventually I settled the Farrah's Harrogate Toffee tin, emblazoned with John Farrah's signature. Harrogate Toffee is a tasty treat, designed in 1840 to clear the palate of Harrogate's sulfurous "healing" water (which was what made Harrogate famous as a spa town in the 19th century).

Photo a Day - Logo:

Taken with my Samsung Dart

While searching for a history of Farrah's Harrogate Toffee and of Harrogate's healing waters, I came across these interesting posters:

Today I suppose I'm enjoying all things British - fitting with the Olympics once again being in London!

The photo prompt for today is "writing," so I'll be back later to post more. Cheerio!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Photo a Day Challenge Days 3 & 4: Coin & Somewhere I Sat

I am almost entirely moved in! It's so exciting to be in this new space, and I can't wait to have friends & family over. My mom & stepdad helped me move some of my things today, so they & my littlest sister got to see it. Now for everyone else to come visit!

As for the photo challenge, yesterday's prompt was "coin" & today's was "somewhere you sat." I'm not terribly impressed with the photos I took for either prompt, but I think sometimes that is okay. Remember, you can follow both my photos and my friend Elaine's photos for this challenge on our Pinterest board!


Taken with my Samsung Dart

Somewhere I Sat:

Taken with my Samsung Dart

Friday, August 3, 2012

August Photo a Day Challenge Day 2: One

Yesterday I was so wrapped up in packing & prepping for my big move that I forgot to post my photo of the day! The prompt was "one."

Taken with the Canon PowerShot A520

Now on to moving into my new place! And you can look forward to seeing today's photo of the day when I update tonight!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Photo a Day Challenge

This afternoon my friend Elaine challenged me to join her in doing a Photo a Day Challenge this month, starting today! You can follow both our photo posts on Pinterest (& you can also follow me on Twitter or Tumblr). I hope you join the Photo a Day Challenge too! The August photo challenge list we are doing is from Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. Today's photo prompt was "outside" - my photo was taken while hanging out on the stoop at my house this evening. I love the angles & the clouds looming over the house.

Photo taken with my Samsung Dart phone

I am enjoying being in the flow of the Universe with exciting new challenges! Everything has really been coming together for me lately, & new & exciting things are bringing me closer & closer to my dreams of travelling!

A part-time job working at Home Management (who Charlotte Chamber Music shares an office with) just opened up for me. Very Cool! And then even more recently the opportunity to rent a house in Fourth Ward, only a few blocks away from the office, came up. It's perfect for me, and oh so affordable! So I'll be moving this weekend. I spent much of this evening sorting & packing things. My clothes are packed, bedding & towels are next; then books, kitchen stuff, wall art, art supplies, electronics, camping gear, & whatever other odds & ends remain. Overall I think it should be a fairly smooth move.

Last night my mom, Ugly Stepsister, hosted an art journaling girls' night for a group of us to share our creative energy & work on art journals (or sketchbooks or junk journals). We had a blast trying various types of media (watercolours, acrylics, coloured pencils, mod podge, stencils, mixed media...) & expressing our creative spirits. It offered a fun taste of her upcoming class, "Journaling With Art, aka Junk Journaling", which will be held at Mint Hill Arts this fall.

Putting the final touches on a stencil design with mixed media

Victoria, Heidy, Barbara (aka Ugly Stepsister), me, Niury, & Sherry

Artwork in progress!

What exciting new activities,  events, or challenges have been inspiring you lately?