Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Photo a Day Challenge

This afternoon my friend Elaine challenged me to join her in doing a Photo a Day Challenge this month, starting today! You can follow both our photo posts on Pinterest (& you can also follow me on Twitter or Tumblr). I hope you join the Photo a Day Challenge too! The August photo challenge list we are doing is from Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. Today's photo prompt was "outside" - my photo was taken while hanging out on the stoop at my house this evening. I love the angles & the clouds looming over the house.

Photo taken with my Samsung Dart phone

I am enjoying being in the flow of the Universe with exciting new challenges! Everything has really been coming together for me lately, & new & exciting things are bringing me closer & closer to my dreams of travelling!

A part-time job working at Home Management (who Charlotte Chamber Music shares an office with) just opened up for me. Very Cool! And then even more recently the opportunity to rent a house in Fourth Ward, only a few blocks away from the office, came up. It's perfect for me, and oh so affordable! So I'll be moving this weekend. I spent much of this evening sorting & packing things. My clothes are packed, bedding & towels are next; then books, kitchen stuff, wall art, art supplies, electronics, camping gear, & whatever other odds & ends remain. Overall I think it should be a fairly smooth move.

Last night my mom, Ugly Stepsister, hosted an art journaling girls' night for a group of us to share our creative energy & work on art journals (or sketchbooks or junk journals). We had a blast trying various types of media (watercolours, acrylics, coloured pencils, mod podge, stencils, mixed media...) & expressing our creative spirits. It offered a fun taste of her upcoming class, "Journaling With Art, aka Junk Journaling", which will be held at Mint Hill Arts this fall.

Putting the final touches on a stencil design with mixed media

Victoria, Heidy, Barbara (aka Ugly Stepsister), me, Niury, & Sherry

Artwork in progress!

What exciting new activities,  events, or challenges have been inspiring you lately?


  1. Oh, Fat Mum Slim has some interesting words lined up to challenge you!

  2. Yes indeed! I'm looking forward to it!