Saturday, October 8, 2011

Día de los Muertos Cakes

Earlier tonight as I was perusing Tumblr, I decided to do a search for Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead, hoping to find some of José Guadalupe Posada's artwork. He was a Mexican cartoonist, illustrator, lithographer, & printmaker whose work is frequently associated with Day of the Dead.

"Gran Fandango y Francachela de todas las Calaveras" by José Guadalupe Posada
What I found instead were Day of the Dead cakes! How did I not know these existed before? They are awesome and I want one! My uncle's birthday is the day before mine, so our family usually celebrates them together, and our birthday is coming up. The other day he & Shmanderz & I were discussing what sort of cake we want for our birthday; Shmanderz said she would like to make a rainbow cake for us, but now I am thinking how fantastic it would be to have a Día de los Muertos cake! Even if we don't have a Día de los Muertos birthday cake, I am determined to have a Día de los Muertos cake by the time Day of the Dead rolls around.

Here are some photos of Día de los Muertos cakes from around the internet. Aren't they cool?:

It looks like all of these cakes were made with fondant. I believe with some icing, fondant, sugar skulls, and a little creativity we could create a pretty cool cake! Would anyone like to join me for a Día de los Muertos cake decorating party?

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