Saturday, October 1, 2011

White Rabbits!

It is the first of October and this marks the beginning of my 30 Day Photo Challenge. The first assignment is a photo of my eye. After playing around with several ways of photographing my own eye in front of a mirror, I think I am satisfied with this one. Slightly creepy, no?

Photo taken with my Traveler XS 40 digital camera
Be prepared for close-ups of lots of random things over the next month while I do this 30 day challenge.

Here is a list of what my assignments are for each day:

  1. A photo of your eye.
  2. A photo of something red.
  3. A photo of your feet/shoes.
  4. A photo of what you wore today.
  5. A photo of you outside.
  6. A photo of your hair.
  7. A photo of your wrist and any bracelets you wear.
  8. A photo of you with a friend.
  9. A photo of half of your face.
  10. A photo of your favourite body part.
  11. A photo of your shoulder.
  12. A photo of your mouth.
  13. A photo of your favourite outfit.
  14. A photo of your hand.
  15. A photo of you with a member of the opposite sex.
  16. A photo of your most loved possession.
  17. A photo of your legs.
  18. A photo of your favourite food.
  19. A photo of an object from your childhood.
  20. A photo of you dressed up/smart.
  21. A photo of your least favourite body part.
  22. A photo of your smile.
  23. A photo of you with someone you love.
  24. A photo of anything you want.
  25. A photo of something you have eaten today.
  26. A photo that represents your day.
  27. A photo of something green.
  28. A photo of something that is your favourite colour.
  29. A photo of your bedroom.
  30. A photo of your face.

I think the most difficult assignments will probably be the ones that involve other people.

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